• World Bee Day

    Posted on On World Bee Day on the 20th of May, Steenbok Nature Reserve was visited by this happy group from Queen Bee Nursery and Pre-primary School.  With the help of Steenbok’s ‘Look Deep into Nature’ educational book, the children buzzed around the Aquifer,... Read more »
  • Dietes grandiflora

    Posted on Called a “Fairy iris” because the fragile white petals not only look like feathers but also have a tendency to disappear mysteriously overnight. Family: Iridaceae Common names: large wild iris, fairy iris (Eng.); groot wilde-iris Dietes grandiflora is a perennial,... Read more »
  • Chasmanthe aethiopica

    Posted on These plants flower during autumn and winter, from April to June or rarely July.  They can now be found in the area west of the tennis courts and between the long grass near the Tow Path. The pale green leaves... Read more »
  • Clivia nobilis

    Posted on It’s always nice to come across some plants in Steenbok that have not previously been recorded and were not even part of our Webpage. The new addition is Clivia nobilis. Common name: Eastern Cape clivia (Eng.) Family: Amaryllidaceae Spotted in the... Read more »
  • Scattering seeds in Steenbok

    Posted on Winter is well on its way and evidence of this is the helichrysum foetidum (yellow everlasting) looking dried and withered.  The fruits have pappus bristles which are easily dispersed by the wind. The photos show Roger enjoying the task of... Read more »
  • Bird Watching in Steenbok

    Posted on There are quite a few places in Steenbok Nature Reserve to enjoy this pass-time. Land’s End is a perfect place to sit quietly and watch plovers moving quickly along the water’s edge.  Plover, White fronted, are occasional visitor to Leisure... Read more »
  • The very famous Mudprawn (Upogebia Africana)

    Posted on Everyone in South Africa is familiar with the Mudprawns and most fishermen would have used them for bait at some point. The Steenbok boundary bordering the lagoon is abundant in this aquatic species for several reasons: The Mudprawn habitat –... Read more »
  • A walk in Steenbok with Ingrid Meter

    Posted on Gladiolus dalenii   Common names:  African gladiolus (Eng.); papegaai-gladiolus (Afr.); khahla-e-kholo (South Sotho) Family:  Iridaceae Take a walk along the high tide path to Kingfisher Creek to see these stunning beauties, flowering in May, even though their normal flowering time... Read more »
  • Virgilia divaricata

    Posted on Common names: pink Blossom Tree, pink Keurboom (Eng.); keurboom, amakwasboom (Afr.) Family: Fabaceae SA Tree No: 221 This small to medium sized tree is a very affective pioneer plant.  It has a bushy, rounded to broadly conical growth habit with... Read more »

    Posted on We enjoyed an excellent rainfall of 62 mm in the month of April.  This brings the cumulative rainfall for the first four months of this year to 193mm. This is close as makes no difference to the 10 year cumulative... Read more »