Newsletter June 2018

In June 2017 a fire swept through the greater Knysna region. For a period, roads to the East and West were closed and the wind was so strong that helicopters could not fly. The town was completely cut off and a ‘Ring of Fire’ put every resident, animal and building at risk. The mayor was quick to acknowledge that the situation was dire and announced that plans needed to be made quickly, in case it became necessary to evacuate the entire population of 77,000. But the wind dropped, helicopters took to the air and hundreds of firefighters and volunteers poured in to help save the town. This huge team was joined by hundreds of locals and relief organizations. The combined team worked valiantly together. It was dangerous work that required dedication and bravery. Tragically, some paid the ultimate price. It was an inspirational effort. It brought out the very best in South Africans. This memorial artwork is is being erected to celebrate the efforts of all of those who worked to save our town, those who lost their lives and all those who worked so hard after the fire had ended, to help those who had lost so much .