• Zaluzianskya capensis

    Posted on This annual or short lived perennial can be found along the pathways leading to Kingfisher Creek. The leaves are long and narrow, stalkless, toothed and covered with hairs. It is one of the sweetest night-blooming flowers in Steenbok with a... Read more »
  • Zantedeschia aethiopica

    Posted on This very well known plant grows freely in damp ground but also tolerates normal garden conditions. The arrow-shaped leaves are as long or longer than the flowering stem and are a lush-looking dark green. The flowers are enclosed in a... Read more »
  • Zephyranthes grandiflora

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, garden escapee Small bulbous plant from Central America growing on the verge of Links Drive 25 m west of Horne Drive intersection. Most of the time cannot be seen but appears first with leaves followed... Read more »
  • Zostera capensis

    Posted on Flat, elongated and dark-green, grass-like plant, abundant in the lowest salt marsh, inter-tidal zone. The Knysna seahorse is understood to particularly thrive in areas of Zostera capensis vegetation. Read more »
  • Zygophyllum L.

    Posted on Description Zygophyllum is derived from the Greek words, zygos, meaning joined, and phyllon, meaning leaf, referring to the paired leaves of many of the species.  This many-stemmed dwarf shrub usually grows to a height of  ± 1 m to ±... Read more »