Posted on This small semi-deciduous to evergreen shrub is usually 1 to 2m in height, but can reach 6m. It has a slender stem with smooth, brown bark. The elliptical leaves are  13-50mm long and can be narrow with blunt or rounded... Read more »
  • Oenothera stricta

    Posted on Invasive Status in South Africa: Cat. 3 (Proposed amendments to legislation 2018) Origin: USA The leaves  form a basal rosette at ground level and spiral up to the flowering stems. The blades are dentate or deeply lobed. The flowers  of many... Read more »
  • Olea capensis subsp. macrocarpa

    Posted on A medium to very  large tree with leaves which are stiffly leathery. Leaf blade is flat, but the margins are wavy. The oblong fruit is large turning from green to red to dark blue – much sort after by birds.... Read more »
  • Olea exasperata

    Posted on A tree or large shrub which is generally multiple-stemmed giving a scrubby appearance. Leaves are dark green above with light green under surfaces. White flowers mature into purple fruits. Growing profusely along the old vehicle track from Links Drive to... Read more »
  • Orphium frutescens

    Posted on This evergreen perennial shrub has upright growing habits. The leaves are a beautiful green, narrow and long while the stems, being covered in small white hairs, gives it a nice velvety touch. The flowers are carried at the tips of... Read more »
  • Osteospermum caulescens

    Posted on Osteospermum used to belong to the genus Dimophotheca, but only the annual species remain in that genus; the perennials belong to Osteospermum. This evergreen perennial has sprawling stems that root along their length and form mats. Leathery and minutely toothed leaves can... Read more »
  • Osteospermum moniliferum

    Posted on Previously known as Chrysanthemoides monilifera This large rounded shrub is seen all over the Reserve and is predominant during the winter and spring months on the N2 from Knysna towards Cape Town. The young branches are thinly woolly. The leaves... Read more »
  • Osyris compressa

    Posted on Greyish shrub or small tree with oval leaves and bearing delicate, terminal clusters of greenish flowers. Occurs mostly on coastal dunes and can be seen at the Creek. Fleshy, oval fruit ripens to shiny red to purplish black and is... Read more »
  • Otholobium fruticans

    Posted on This is a straggling subshrub which is a mat-forming groundcover. Its semi-prostrate branches spread out from the centre of the shrub. The leaves are trifoliate with slightly hairy underneath. The flowers cannot be missed when Spring arrive as they cover... Read more »
  • Oxalis depressa

    Posted on This stemless (acaulescent) geophyte (meaning it has its food storage underground such as a bulbs, corms, rhizomes) has a very shallow bulb. It has trifoliate leaves which are bitter tasting but used in salads and sauces. The flowers are 10-15... Read more »
  • Oxalis pes-caprae

    Posted on This stemless (acaulescent) perennial geophyte (meaning it has its food storage underground such as a bulbs, corms, rhizomes) tends to grow densly forming large mats of yellow clusters of flowers from late Winter to late Spring mainly in the clearing... Read more »
  • Oxalis smithiana

    Posted on This stemless (acaulescent) geophyte (meaning it has its food storage underground such as a bulbs, corms, rhizomes) is found in grassy places and has trifoliate leaves. This herb’s flowers possess 5 petals, however unlike many wildflowers these occur solitary rather... Read more »