Posted on This very troublesome, annual weed is dynamic after autumn and winter rains. It is an erect, sprawling or decumbent herb growing up to 50cm high that is covered with rather stiff star-like (stellate) hairs and is woody at the stem. It occurs on all soil types;... Read more »
  • Mariscus congestus

    Posted on The perennial sedge has a tufted habit. It blooms between July and March produces brown flowers. The sedge has a short rhizome connecting plants together. The culms (i.e. hollow stem of the grass) are smooth and triangular in cross section, they are... Read more »
  • Medicago polymorpha

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is a troublesome weed smothering other natural vegetation. Annual weed from Europe and known in South Africa for over 130 years. Growing immediately west of tennis courts and easily distinguished by many, many... Read more »
  • Melia azedarach

    Posted on Invasive Status in South Africa:  NEMBA Cat 3 Flowering occurs in the spring, when showy, lavender, 5-petaled flowers develop in panicles. It is an invader of disturbed habitats, and is highly resistant to insects and other pathogens.It has  has a high fruit... Read more »
  • Melianthus major

    Posted on This striking perennial plant with thick, bamboo like stems and large, bluish-green leaves can be found growing in the Indigenous Garden. The deeply divided leaves cannot be missed and its imposing shape, roughly 3.5m wide is a definite show stopper.... Read more »
  • Melilotus indica

    Posted on Widespread weed from Europe and Asia. Found in the thicket west of the boat club. The little leaves are heart shaped and occur in fours, squarely arranged along the stalk. The whole feels like sand paper when you touch it. Read more »
  • Metalasia densa

    Posted on This erect white-woolly shrub grows vigorously on the Northern shores of Leisure Isle and at Bollard Bay. Its leaves are often reflexed, lanceolate to ovate, twisted, 2-15mm long, with axillary tufts. The flowerheads are disc shaped, several in terminal clusters... Read more »
  • Metalasia muricata

    Posted on This erect, woody shrub grows up to 2.5m, the leaves are often curved backwards, twisted and hooked at the tips.  The margins are rolled under. The honey scented flower heads are without rays, several in terminal clusters, the bracts are... Read more »
  • Moraea bulbillifera

    Posted on Name has been changed from “Homeria”. This cormous perennial can be found in small patches in the Park but also can be seen along the N2 and near the Lakes from the Wilderness to Tsitsikamma reserve and inland on the... Read more »
  • Moraea polyanthos

    Posted on This cormous perennial, slightly taller than M. bulbillifera and with an often much branched stem. The outer tepals (i.e. the outer whorl in a flower) of the flowers are distinctively larger and angular whilst the inner three are narrower with... Read more »
  • Myoporum tenuifolium

    Posted on Invasive Status South Africa: NEMBA Cat.1b  (Cat.3 can remain, however certain conditions apply) Evergreen, somewhat succulent, wide spreading shrub or small tree found in profusion all over Leisure Isle with the best example being the ‘umbrella shaped tree in the... Read more »