• Kalanchoe beharensis

    Posted on This succulent plant is originally from Madagascar. It has thick, curving, triangular to lanceolate velvety leaves covered in brown hairs. The flowers are carried a tall inflorescences with clusters of urn-shaped, red / orange, pinkish flowers that are violet on... Read more »
  • Kiggelaria africana

    Posted on A single-stemmed, medium to large tree with a rounded, spreading canopy. The grey or yellowish-green round fruit has a characteristic warty skin. When ripe it bursts open to expose black seeds with a sticky orange-red covering. Read more »
  • Kniphofia praecox

    Posted on This rhizomatous perennial is clump forming and can reach 1.2m in height. The leaves are strap-shape and the margins are finely serrated. The flowers appear in cylindrical racemes, reddish in colour. The closely packed flower-buds attract Read more »
  • Kniphofia uvaria

    Posted on This is an evergreen, herbaceous perennial with strap-like leaves growing from rhizomes. It bears a roundish spike of tubular orange or yellow flowers which are borne on a tall stem. Read more »