• Imperata cylindrica

    Posted on Grows in poorly drained and damp soil, such as found in the Park, where it can form dense areas of growth. Due to the general hardness of its leaves it is seldom eaten by animals. It is most valuable in... Read more »
  • Indigofera stricta

    Posted on This erect or scrambling resprouting shrub can grow to 1.2m. It has angular stems which are ribbed. The leaves, which are densely hairy beneath are arranged on either side of the stem and carried on small stalks. The dainty little... Read more »
  • Ipomoea cairica

    Posted on This is a vigorous, perennial climber that grows in profusion on very long stems (roughly 5m long). It bears large purple-blue trumpet flowers with a dark centred eye and climbs up banks and into other vegetation. The flower normally closes... Read more »
  • Ipomoea purpurea

    Posted on Invasive Status in South Africa: Cat. 1b Origin: South America Rampant perennial climber growing in long grass and on the sea wall, also found at Kingfisher Creek. Program of eradication currently in progress. Read more »