• Gastric bicolor var. bicolor

    Posted on Stemless succulent with spotted leaves which are arranged alternately in two opposite vertical rows. The flowers are nodding in a branched raceme swollen at the base. and have the stomach shape characteristic of the genus. Found naturally in thicket in... Read more »
  • Gazania rigens

    Posted on Sprawling mat-forming perennial. The leaves are mostly simple, alternate and oblanceolate and white-felted beneath. The flowers are a bright yellow and radiate. This plant occurs on coastal dunes and rocky outcrops along beaches from southern Cape to Mozambique. Read more »
  • Geranium incanum

    Posted on This is an attractive sprawling perennial shrublet with finely divided, silvery leaves. The violet or magenta flowers are borne on long slender stalks, followed by characteristically elongated fruit resembling a stork’s bill. It is aptly known as the ‘carpet’ geranium... Read more »
  • Gerbera piloselloides

    Posted on Stemless, compact perennial with tufted, obovate leaves tapering below. The flower heads are radiate and carried on tall stems. Not endemic to South Africa. Read more »
  • Gladiolus carinatus

    Posted on Commonly known as the blue Afrikaner, is a perennial plant belonging to the genus Gladiolus and is part of the fynbos. The plant is native to the Western Cape. The flower spike is erect and unbranched with usually 4-6 flowers;... Read more »
  • Gladiolus dalenii

    Posted on This is a deciduous, evergreen perennial with sword-shaped leaves arranged in a loose fan. The flowers appear on tall spikes, all facing to one side, orange with yellow lower petals. Fond them along the tide path to Kingfisher Creek. Not... Read more »
  • Gladiolus grandiflorus

    Posted on A very delicate species with 2 – 4 leaves very long leaves with thickening margins and tubular flowers that are heavily scented at night. The flowers are borne in a two to nine flower spike. Read more »
  • Gladiolus rogersii

    Posted on This is a small fibre-covered corm with 2-4 narrow leaves. The flowers are more or less bell-shaped with the lower lobes being longer than the upper ones. The tall spikes carry many beautiful flowers. Read more »
  • Gleditsia triacanthos

    Posted on A deciduous, spreading tree. The trunk and branches have three-branched spines. Bright green bi-pinnate leaves consist of small paired lance-shaped and minutely toothed. Small, yellowish-green flowers appear from October to November. The seed capsules are flat and twisted brown pods.  Insignificant,... Read more »
  • Gloriosa superba

    Posted on This very striking and well known plant is found naturally from the Eastern Cape to tropical Africa and can be spotted in many places in Steenbok, especially in the Indigenous garden. The Flame lily is a tuberous perennial with sprawling... Read more »
  • Gnidia squarrosa (L.) Druce

    Posted on This multi-branched, willowy shrub can reach a height of 1 to 2m. The leaves are small and narrowly lance-shaped.  The flowers are sweetly fragrant at night but unscented during the day which indicates that this species is pollinated by moths.... Read more »
  • Grewia occidentalis

    Posted on A much branched, evergreen shrub or semi climber that grows in protected positions among other species of trees.  An excellent example of this can be seen at the west end of the Creek. The small conspicuous star-shaped flowers grow in... Read more »
  • Gymnosporia buxifolia

    Posted on A single, crooked-stemmed, low-branching tree with an angular, untidy outline formed by haphazardly upward-growing branches. Most branches covered with spines which are more prevalent in young trees. Read more »