• Falkia repens

    Posted on This is a thinly hairy, mat-forming rhizomatous perennial which grows in damp coastal flats and seeps. The leaves can have various shapes but they are generally broadly ovateĀ  (hence the Afrikaans name : Little ears) with rounded tips and bases.... Read more »
  • Felicia amelloides

    Posted on This shrublet is normally perennial and evergreen, much branched and carries strikingly beautiful solitary flowers which are blue with yellow disc. The leaves are opposite and almost elliptical, dark green on top and light green underneath. Read more »
  • Felicia echinata

    Posted on This is a stiff, densely leafy evergreen shrublet with white-woolly stems closely covered with overlapping, oval leaves curved back at the ends. Each stem carries 2-3 large blue rays of daisy shaped flowers and a distinctive yellow disc. Read more »
  • Ficinia indica

    Posted on An ornamental perennial grass that forms a tuft up to 40cm in height. The spikelets are a rich chestnut colour. Its preferred natural habitats are the lower slopes of mountains or sandy flats. Read more »
  • Ficus sur

    Posted on Large, semi-deciduous tree with large spreading crown. The bark is whitish or dark grey. Large, roundish figs are borne on old wood in leafless broom like-like clusters of up to 1 m long. Read more »
  • Fumaria muralis

    Posted on Not listed on NEMBA legislation, however it is a troublesome weed smothering other natural vegetation. A native of Europe which has been naturalized in waste places and gardens. Read more »