• Dais cotinifolia

    Posted on Found naturally in coastal thicket of Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Masses of pinkish-mauve pompon-like flowerheads grace this tree in flowering season lasting up to two weeks. The fruit is a very small reddish-brown nutlet. Stripped bark can be plaited... Read more »
  • Diascia hybrids

    Posted on Small dainty plants, both annual and perennial recognizable by the spurs underneath each flower. It is a hardy, evergreen, bushy, drought-resistant, groundcover with fine round leaves. The name comes from the Greek “diaskeo”, to adorn. Read more »
  • Dietes bicolour

    Posted on Distinguishable from D.grandiflora by pale yellow colour with a brownish blotch at the base of the limb. Each flower only last a single day but because so many buds are produced, the plant is almost always carrying a flower. It... Read more »
  • Dietes grandiflora

    Posted on D. grandiflora is a perennial, evergreen plant which grows  up to 1.5m, forming large clumps.  The plant grows from underground rhizomes. The long, rigid, sword-shaped leaves, held in a fan shape, are dark green and may reach up to 1 m... Read more »
  • Dietes iridoides

    Posted on Evergreen perennial herb with a creeping rhizomes. The leaves are dark green, sword shaped and sometimes branched. The flowers only last a day and are closed by midday except on overcast days. This plant is found in evergreen forests and... Read more »
  • Dimorphotheca fruiticosa

    Posted on Previously known as Osteospermum fruticosum This is a sprawling evergreen, perennia herb. The daisy florets are white, the disc is dark blue / purple. Flowers are closed at night and on overcast days. Read more »
  • Dimorphotheca X hybrid

    Posted on This ground cover perennial is stunning when mass planted. Most species have glossy, shining flower petals, so that when they flower in masses the sheets of colour have a shimmering brilliance. Read more »
  • Diospyros dichrophylla

    Posted on A large rounded evergreen shrub or small tree with tough grey-green leaves and creamy white flowers. The round distinguishing fruits are 20mm across covered with greenish-velvety hairs. Good example can be found at the east end of the Park on... Read more »
  • Diospyros whyteana

    Posted on Shiny leaves which sometimes appear hairless. The edible fruit has a bittersweet taste and is popular with fruit eating birds. They are green at first becoming reddish- brown and papery as they dry. It is understood that the roasted seeds... Read more »
  • Disphyma crassifolium

    Posted on Spreading succulent, rooting at the nodes, with smooth 3-angled, dark green leaves. Bears 1 to 3 flowers approx. 40 mm in diameter. Grows at the margin of the salt marsh. Read more »
  • Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia

    Posted on An upright, slender tree or shrub, usually multi-stemmed with many plants in the Wandelpad. Its bark is dark grey and stringy and its droopy, shiny new leaves are covered in a resinous substance. Small yellow/green flowers are followed by decorative... Read more »
  • Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia

    Posted on An extremely hardy evergreen and fast growing shrub/small tree which grows well in both the Park and creek. The flowers are small and the fruit is a winged capsule which produces a mass of rust/red colour towards the end of... Read more »
  • Dovyalis caffra

    Posted on The flowers of this thorny tree are creamy green.  Male flowers are 3 mm long in dense clusters of 5-10 flowers.  Female flowers are found in groups of up to three on stalks 4-10 mm long in leaf axils. The fruits... Read more »
  • Dymondia margaretae

    Posted on Mat-forming evergreen perennial, creeping with much-branched rhizome. Leaves are blue-grey and flowers are daisy-like, small and solitary. Read more »