• Barleria obtusa

    Posted on Evergreen and fast growing sprawling shrub, indigenous to Eastern Cape. Usually around 1m in height but it can reach 2m if planted in shade. The green leaves are covered with fine translucent hairs and the entire margins that are upturned.... Read more »
  • Bonatea speciosa

    Posted on This deciduous terrestrial orchid is a show stopper when in bloom. The somewhat different looking green and white flowers appear in a cylindrical spike that are highly fragrant at night. In the dormant season, the arial part of the plant... Read more »
  • Brachylaena nerifolia

    Posted on A scraggly, small tree that is usually multi-stemmed, with an irregular to roundish canopy. The masses of flowers attract bees and other insects, which bring insect eating birds in search of food. The dense foliage provides suitable nesting sites. Larvae... Read more »
  • Briza maxima

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is  troublesome and can  smother and out compete other natural vegetation. Occurs in disturbed places and is mostly found in well drained soil. Being an attractive grass it is often used in flower... Read more »
  • Bromus catharticus

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is  troublesome and can  smother other natural vegetation. Occurs mainly as a weed in disturbed places and grows in the damp. It originates from South America. Read more »
  • Brunsvigia orientalis

    Posted on Brunsvigias are deciduous and have adapted to the dry period of the year by resting underground. The bud of this large bulb pushes up through the sand on its sturdy stem before a leaf can be seen, and produces up to... Read more »
  • Buddleja saligna

    Posted on Shrub or small tree with grayish-green, somewhat drooping crown. The heartwood is dark brown, tough, hard, heavy and very durable. Sweet scented flowers grow in large, creamy-white heads. The tree is important in the production of honey as it produces... Read more »
  • Buddleja salviifolia (L). Lam.

    Posted on Buddleja salviifolia is a semi-evergreen bushy shrub that grows up to 4m high. An example of this tree can be found bordering the gardens at the Main Entrance to Steenbok Nature Reserve. Its long narrow leaves are dark green, wrinkled... Read more »
  • Bulbine frutescens

    Posted on This clump forming succulent perennial is a popular waterwise garden plant. Producing star-shaped flowers in Spring and Summer carried on upright, spreading racemes. They are followed by small fruit containing black seeds which are dispersed by wind. First Aid plant!... Read more »