Steenbok Nature Reserve - Leisure Island, Knysna Dog, nature walks and exploration, Knysna Salt marsh, coastal and dune vegetation Leisure Isle Knysna Aquifer water in Steenbok Park

Photo Gallery

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Main entrance on Links drive
Alien Manataka tree retained as jungle gym for the kiddies
Boardwalk across tidal salt marsh
Bollard Bay at low tide
Directional and informative signs
Four tree copses feature 50 Knysna forest trees
Heading west towards Kingfisher Creek
Historic waterpump draws water from the island aquifer
Indigenous Garden in Autumn
Indigenous Garden in Spring
Indigenous Garden looking east
Indigenous Garden shrouded in morning mist
Leaving Roger's Way amble along towards Kingfisher Creek
Lovely walks
Roger's Way links Steenbok Park and Kingfisher Creek
Many benches to soak in the views
One of many views of the Knysna Estuary
Pathway heading northwest
Groups of scholars visit the Reserve
Stroll through the salt marsh
Plasic bags and bins are provided in many locations
Spotted eagle owl in residence
Unusual flooding occurs occasionally
Knysna Dwarf Chameleons love the Reserve
Eight species of frogs
Eulophia speciosa orchids flower in summer
Satyrium princeps orchids, classified  endangered, flower in October