• Pennisetum clandestinum

    Posted on Although Kikuyu comes from central Africa, it is a valued grazing source for the dairy industry  and for that reason it has  been removed from the NEMBA listing. Kikuyu grows profusely in disturbed places especially in damp soil. Besides being... Read more »
  • Imperata cylindrica

    Posted on Grows in poorly drained and damp soil, such as found in the Park, where it can form dense areas of growth. Due to the general hardness of its leaves it is seldom eaten by animals. It is most valuable in... Read more »
  • Eustachys paspaloides

    Posted on Grows in undisturbed open grassland and is mostly found in stony and sandy soil. It is a very palatable grass and it is the first to disappear in over grazing. Read more »
  • Eragrostis curvula

    Posted on Grows in disturbed places, mostly in well drained fertile soil in regions with a high rain fall with overgrazed and trampled veld. It is the most important cultivated pasture in the inland highveld regions of South Africa. It is often... Read more »
  • Cynodon dactylon

    Posted on Kweek grows in all types of soil, especially sandy, and is found in disturbed damp places. It is probably the most useful grass as it can endure heavy grazing and offers excellent pasture. It remains green until late in the... Read more »
  • Bromus catharticus

    Posted on Not listed in NEMBA legislation, however it is  troublesome and can  smother other natural vegetation. Occurs mainly as a weed in disturbed places and grows in the damp. It originates from South America. Read more »
  • Aristida junciformis

    Posted on Grows in open grassland in wet places and in most types of soil. It is a hard, unpalatable and has virtually no grazing value. It is one of the best grasses in which to make brooms. Read more »
  • Tarchonanthus trilobus

    Posted on Indigenous to the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal the Broad-leaved Camphor Bush occurs on forest margins and in wooded ravines. Its hardwood is yellowish brown, hard and durable with a camphor scent. An example is growing on Links Drive near... Read more »
  • Sideroxylon inerme

    Posted on The white milkwood, a protected tree throughout South Africa, is medium-sized and wide-spreading. It branches low down into several thick, twisted stems. Often the dark green, dense, rounded canopy is so low that it touches the ground. All parts of... Read more »