• Asparagus setaceus

    Posted on This evergreen perennial climber found along the Links Drive pole fence at the west end of the Reserve. The green stems are soft and fern like, bearing the inconspicuous 4 mm bell-shaped flowers at their tips . The flowers are... Read more »
  • Asparagus densiflorus “Meyerii“

    Posted on Not indigenous to the Garden Route but found naturally from Eastern Cape to Mozambique. It is a beautifully erect plant with cylindrical branches which are slightly curved at their tips (looking like a cat’s tail), and densely covered in bright... Read more »
  • Asparagus aethiopicus

    Posted on A spiny species with sprawling stems and fibrous and tuberous roots. Leaves are bright green, fern-like, with almost needle-like leaflets of up to eight in a cluster. Flowers are star-like and fragrant, white and small. Fruit is a bright, round, shiny,... Read more »
  • Arctotheca populifolia

    Posted on Silvery-grey, thick leathery leaves, growing on the sand dunes at the northern estuary shores of Kingfisher Creek. The heart-shaped leaves are large, with short stalks and slightly succulent, covered with white hairs. The flowers appear in the centre of the... Read more »
  • Aloiampelos tenuior

    Posted on Formerly Aloe tenuior but moved to the Aloiampelos genus in 2013 (meaning climbing aloe). Tenuior means very thin referring to the slender branches. This small to medium-sized rambling aloe that is indigenous to the Eastern Cape can be found in... Read more »
  • Aloe cooperi

    Posted on One of the ‘Grass aloes”, it has graceful leaves with small white teeth along their margins distinguish this aloe and make it easily recognizable. It grows singly or in small groups from offshoots at ground level. Plants may be stemless... Read more »
  • Agathosma capensis

    Posted on This evergreen shrub grows to heights between 30 cm and 90 cm. The usually smooth leaves are needle-like to oval, strongly spice-scented, especially when crushed. This plant flowers throughout the year with a peak in winter to spring (July to... Read more »
  • Abutilon sonneratianum

    Posted on This perennial shrub with lobed, heart-shaped, velvety leaves can create a lush, tropical effect. It sprawls from a woody rootstock, the leaves are sometimes coarsely toothed at ends and hairy underneath. The seed pods are unusual looking and ornamental. Read more »