• Osteospermum moniliferum

    Posted on Previously known as Chrysanthemoides monilifera This large rounded shrub is seen all over the Reserve and is predominant during the winter and spring months on the N2 from Knysna towards Cape Town. The young branches are thinly woolly. The leaves... Read more »
  • Casuarina cunninghamiana

    Posted on Evergreen, pine-like tree invading coastal dunes. A native of Australia that has been cultivated in South Africa for dune stabilization, ornament and shelter. Considered one of the best fuel woods in the world. All of these trees have been removed... Read more »
  • Cassine tetragona

    Posted on Woody climber, scrambling shrub or a small tree with short side shoots pointing backwards to assist in climbing. Flowers in clusters, small, creamy white. Fruit fleshy about 8mmin diameter, green ripening red to purplish black. Read more »
  • Brachylaena nerifolia

    Posted on A scraggly, small tree that is usually multi-stemmed, with an irregular to roundish canopy. The masses of flowers attract bees and other insects, which bring insect eating birds in search of food. The dense foliage provides suitable nesting sites. Larvae... Read more »
  • Strelitzia reginae

    Posted on This tufted, evergreen, acaulescent (i.e. stemless) perennial herb is very well know around the world and is commonly used for cut flowers. The leaf and stalk are smooth and emerge from an underground rhizome. When the plant reaches 4 years old,... Read more »
  • Strelitzia nicolai

    Posted on SA Tree No. 34 This evergreen tree has striking foliage and its multi-stems form dense clumps. The large leaves can reach up to 2m in length but tear easily when exposed to the wind and end up looking like feathers.... Read more »
  • Stachys aethiopica

    Posted on This is a vigorous and versatile plant with long straggling stems which uses surrounding vegetation for support. The leaves are glandular, heart-shaped and rough with serrated edges, they are arranged opposite to each other and have an unpleasant smell. The square-shaped... Read more »
  • Spiloxene trifurcillata

    Posted on This small, delicate cormous geophyte (which is a plant with underground food storage) has fine grass-like leaves. The flower stem may branch bearing bright star-like flowers. It is found in moist places such as under shrubs and at forest margins... Read more »
  • Solanum africanum

    Posted on This common semi succulent creeper climbs up into supporting grass or shrubs and sends out long trailing stems along the ground. It becomes covered with panicles of small purple flowers with conspicuous deep yellow stamens which are followed by black... Read more »
  • Silene undulata

    Posted on This erect or sprawling, much branched hairy perennial can be found west of tennis courts and in the grasses along from the boat club entrance towards the Indigenous Gardens. The base of the plant carries opposite spatula-shaped leaves. The flowers... Read more »