• halleria lucida

    Posted on This evergreen, multi-stemmed tree with attractive glossy bright green foliage can reach heights of 2 – 5m.    The bark is longitudinally grooved and pale grey and brown in colour. The flowers are tubular, orange to brick-red, or yellow, very rich... Read more »
  • Scadoxus puniceus

    Posted on This is one of South Africa’s most striking bulbous plants with a large underground bulb that can reach up to 10cm across. The plants are dormant in winter, using the large bulbs and roots to store moisture during that time.... Read more »
  • Watsonia knysnana

    Posted on This robust, cormous geophyte has sword-shaped leaves arranged in a tight fan, they are leathery and fibrous.  The leaves grow up to 60cm, with flower spikes no more than a meter. It flowers well in disturbed sites from Swellendam to... Read more »
  • Watsonia wilmaniae

    Posted on This cormous geophyte has sword-shaped leaves, it is a rather untidy plant. The flowers appear on tall spikes where each spike carries between 12 to 20 flowers. The large clumps tend to occur in wet and especially marshy ground. Read more »
  • Spathodea campanulata

    Posted on This handsome tree, imported into South Africa, occurs naturally in tropical Africa. It has a rounded, open crown and dark green foliage. It produces large, brilliant, flame-scarlet, cup-shaped flowers and is widely planted in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There is... Read more »
  • Loxostylis alata

    Posted on This small semi-deciduous tree occurs naturally in the coastal regions of the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. It is usually single-stemmed but branches low down on the trunk. The fruits are small and fleshy. It is an excellent candidate for the... Read more »
  • Erythrina caffra

    Posted on This is a single-stemmed tree with a wide spreading canopy. Younger branches have short, sharp, black-tipped prickles. Insects and sunbirds flock to the spectacular orangey-red flowers in late winter when the tree is largely leafless. The soft wood was used... Read more »
  • Satyrium princeps

    Posted on The rootstock of this deciduous, winter-growing geophyte is a root-stem tuberoid: a storage organ which consists of both root and stem tissue. Two broad oval leaves lie flat on the ground while the tall erect raceme shows off the flowers.... Read more »
  • Pelargonium inquinans

    Posted on This is a semi-succulent shrub with large round, velvety and hairy leaves. The flower heads are formed by clusters of 5-30 flowers. The upper two petals of each flower are slightly smaller and more upright than the lower three petals... Read more »