• Lobelia erinus

    Posted on Lobelia erinus  Only 69 species occur in South Africa. The preferred habitat is lower mountain slopes and coastal flats. Distribution ranges from the Bokkeveld Mountains to tropical Africa. Flower colour ranges from blue, violet, pink or white and mostly with... Read more »
  • Gladiolus carinatus

    Posted on Commonly known as the blue Afrikaner, is a perennial plant belonging to the genus Gladiolus and is part of the fynbos. The plant is native to the Western Cape. The flower spike is erect and unbranched with usually 4-6 flowers;... Read more »

    Posted on Virgilia divaricata and V. oroboides are very similar and are often confused but V. divaricata rarely exceeds 10m – unlike V. oroboides which can reach 15m. It has a bushy, rounded to broadly conical growth habit with branches growing close to the ground. The... Read more »

    Posted on This is an evergreen shrub which, if left untouched, can grow to over 2m. The specimen in Steenbok can be seen alongside the footpath on the opposite side of the Indigenous Gardens. It will definitely catch your eye with its... Read more »
  • Melia azedarach

    Posted on Invasive Status in South Africa:  NEMBA Cat 3 Flowering occurs in the spring, when showy, lavender, 5-petaled flowers develop in panicles. It is an invader of disturbed habitats, and is highly resistant to insects and other pathogens.It has  has a high fruit... Read more »
  • Watsonia wilmaniae

    Posted on This cormous geophyte has sword-shaped leaves, it is a rather untidy plant. The flowers appear on tall spikes where each spike carries between 12 to 20 flowers. The large clumps tend to occur in wet and especially marshy ground. Read more »
  • Triglochin bulbosa

    Posted on A small rush-like plant with tough, dark green almost cylindrical leaves. The inflorescence is about 30 cm tall with tiny stalked flowers. Read more »
  • Limonium linifolium

    Posted on Tufted dwarf herb with narrow (1 mm broad) branched leaves (3 to 6 mm in length) from stem on woody base. Flowers 5 mm diameter with 5 petals. Read more »
  • Solanum africanum

    Posted on This common semi succulent creeper climbs up into supporting grass or shrubs and sends out long trailing stems along the ground. It becomes covered with panicles of small purple flowers with conspicuous deep yellow stamens which are followed by black... Read more »
  • Salvia chamelaeagnea

    Posted on This evergreen, grey hairy shrub is very distinctive by its tetragonal (square-shaped), upright stems. The leaves are dotted with glands which emit a very strong scent when touched, leaving a sticky, bitter-tasting residue on fingers. The whorls of flowers are... Read more »