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halleria lucida

Tree Number: 670

This evergreen, multi-stemmed tree with attractive glossy bright green foliage can reach heights of 2 – 5m.   

The bark is longitudinally grooved and pale grey and brown in colour. The flowers are tubular, orange to brick-red, or yellow, very rich in nectar and are produced in clusters in the axils of leaves and on short shoots on the old wood, even on the main trunk.  When in full flower in autumn to summer (May to December/January) it can be very showy, although the flowers are somewhat hidden amongst the leaves and inside the canopy.

Clusters of 10 mm diameter spherical green berries that turn juicy and black when ripe, follow the flowers (August onwards). 

The nectar-rich flowers attract sunbirds and other nectar-feeding birds that pollinate the flowers. Bees and other insects are also seen feeding on the flowers. The fruits are eaten by fruit-eating birds, that then disperse the seeds that are in the jelly-like flesh of the fruits.


Family Name:
Common Name:
tree fuchsia, white olive
Plant Height:
2 - 5m
Flower Colour:
Orange Red Yellow
Flowering Time:
May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December