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Dovyalis caffra

Tree Number: 507

The flowers of this thorny tree are creamy green.  Male flowers are 3 mm long in dense clusters of 5-10 flowers.  Female flowers are found in groups of up to three on stalks 4-10 mm long in leaf axils. The fruits are up to 60 mm in diameter and are yellowish-orange in colour.

Insects and birds play a very important role in pollinating this tree. Birds such as the louries and the black-eyed bulbuls love the fruits of a Dovyalis caffra, which are delicious. By eating the fruits, birds also help to distribute the seeds.  

The tasty, slightly acidic fruit is rich in vitamin C and can be made into tasty jams and jellies.

Family Name:
Common Name:
Plant Height:
3 - 5 m
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
November, December