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Portulacaria afra

This under-rated evergreen succulent shrub or small tree can be seen as you approach the Indigenous gardens on your left.
With small, shiny green to yellow round leaves, it is well known to be part of elephants’ diet in many places such as Addo.  The red stems stand out and can be spotted from far.  It bears small star-shaped pink flowers that can be seen from late winter to spring but flowering in cultivation is often erratic. Growing between 2 to 5m in height, the porkbush can be used widely in the garden and has good soil erosion properties.  It is also a popular bonsai.
It is an effective plant in carbon sequestration, absorbing much more carbon that other plants so using it in your garden could slow down global warming.

Family Name:
Common Name:
Porkbush, Elephant's Food (Eng.); Spekboom. Olifantskos (Afr.); iGqwanitsha (Xhosa)
Plant Height:
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
August, September, October, November