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Senecio coronatus

Senecio is a large genus of annual or perennial herbs, shrubs, small trees and vines classified within the daisy family.

This tufted perennial has a woolly crown. The leaves are mainly found at the base of the plant, they are leathery with the margins minutely scalloped or finely toothed. These leaves are used as a vegetable with mealie meal. The bright yellow flowers which are carried in a corymb shape, meaning that the inflorescence has the flowers growing in such a way that the outermost are borne on longer stalks than the inner, bringing all flowers up to a common level.

Occur from Knysna to tropical Africa.


Family Name:
Common Name:
Woolly Grassland Senecio (Eng.); Sybossie (Afr.)
Plant Height:
40 cm
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
July, August, September