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Haemanthus albiflos

The flower of Haemanthus albiflos grows up to 250mm high.  The smooth, shiny leaves are oblong and may vary in colour from pale to dark green.  The leaves may be covered with short, soft hairs and have yellow spots on the upper surface.  The bright green upper bulb is usually above ground. 

The compact, narrow white flower head is enclosed by several broad greenish-white bracts and is about 30 – 50mm wide and is probably pollinated by honey bees.

The ripe fruit is a most attractive bright orange or red fleshy berry producing a distinctive musty odour.

Albiflos is drought resistant, as it has the ability to store moisture in its roots.  Once established it prefers to be left completely undisturbed. 

The name Haemanthus is derived from the Greek haima meaning blood, a reference to the red flowers of most species, and anthos meaning flower. Albiflos refers to the white flowers of this particular species.

The flowers lure insects, bees and butterflies.

Family Name:
Common Name:
white paint brush (Eng.); witpoeierkwas (Afr.);
Plant Height:
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
April, May, June, July