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Gloriosa superba

This very striking and well known plant is found naturally from the Eastern Cape to tropical Africa and can be spotted in many places in Steenbok, especially in the Indigenous garden.
The Flame lily is a tuberous perennial with sprawling or climbing stems.
It can reach 2m in height thanks to its tendrils found at the tip of the plant.
The flowers are bi-coloured yellow and orange-red, deepening in colour when ageing with petals looking like flames with their crisped margins. The ovoid capsule splits down three sides as it dries revealing a great many round seeds.
Even though G. superba has medicinal uses ALL parts of the plant are poisonous and wrong dosage can be lethal.

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Family Name:
Common Name:
Flame lily (Eng.); vlamlelie; boslelie (Afr.)
Plant Height:
2 m
Flower Colour:
Orange Yellow
Flowering Time:
November, December, January, February, March