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Amaryllis belladonna


The bulb is typically large, brown and rounded and has a moderate growth rate.  The large clusters of scented, trumpet-shaped pink flowers are carried on a long purplish-red and green stem.  Up to twelve flowers are produced from the flowering stem. 

Protruding from each flower is a long upturned style amongst a group of large curved anthers.  The anthers are black and shiny at first, but split open to reveal masses of sticky white pollen. The inflorescence tends to face the direction that receives the most sun. 

The strap-like leaves are deciduous and are produced after flowering.  The leaves remain green throughout the winter period.  In summer the leaves die back and the bulb becomes dormant.  This strange phenomenon of flowering before the leaves appear is known as hysteranthy.  

Interesting fact:

There is still some mystery as to what pollinates the March lily.  Rudolf Marloth, a famous amateur botanist, believed that the belladonna lily was being pollinated by a hawk moth and carpenter bees visited the flowers during the day. 


Family Name:
Common Name:
belladonna lily, March lily, naked lady (Eng.); Maartblom, Maartlelie, belladonnalelie (Afr.)
Plant Height:
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
February, March