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Aloe maculata

This beautiful aloe can be seen while walking on the paved path from
the boat club entrance towards the indigenous garden.
The leaves are triangular and curved inwards towards the tip. Like most aloes, they are spiky. Maculata means spotted which is a very accurate description of these leaves.
The inflorescence may be composed of up to 6 branches, each bearing a flower head. The flowers can be a vivid red, yellow or orange.
The nectar is well sought after by the sunbirds.
The sap from this aloe is used as a soap substitute in certain cultures – hence the common name.

Family Name:
Common Name:
Common soap aloe (Eng.); bontaalwyn (Afr.)
Plant Height:
1 m
Flower Colour:
Flowering Time:
August, September, May, June, July