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Owl, Spotted Eagle

Roberts No: 401

Barred underparts. Yellow eyes. Ear tufts. Typical call is ‘hoo hoo’ with second note lower. Has nested along Links Drive, Leisure Isle in the Eucalyptus trees for many years. Usually nests September-October. Only the female incubates, eggs (2-4) take 30-32 days to hatch. Eyes begin to open by 7 days and at one month may clamber from the nest. May fly well by 48 days. The fledglings (1 or 2) on Leisure Isle may be seen in gardens, playing on roofs and chimneys before becoming independent, usually by November/December.

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Family Name:
Bubu africanus
Common Name:
Owl, Spotted Eagle
43 to 50 cm
rats, mice, moles, lizards, birds.