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Argiope trifasciata Forsskal (Banded Garden Spider)

The banded garden spiders are easily recognized by their silver-grey carapaces (prosomal dorsal shield) and banded, yellow and black legs and body.   

This spider can be found in the tall grass area of Steenbok Nature Reserve.  The web has a characteristic zigzag stabilimentum*.  Its  sticky, strong web is capable of holding fairly large and active insects such as wasps and grasshoppers.


The female hangs head down in the centre of the web.  The front two pairs of legs are held together and forwards and the back two pairs are held together and backwards, forming a cross.

*Stabilimentum (plural: stabilimenta), also known as a web decoration.  

Family Name:
Araneidae (Orbweaver spiders)
Common Name:
Banded Garden Spider