• Clivia nobilis

    Posted on It’s always nice to come across some plants in Steenbok that have not previously been recorded and were not even part of our Webpage. The new addition is Clivia nobilis. Common name: Eastern Cape clivia (Eng.) Family: Amaryllidaceae Spotted in the... Read more »
  • The very famous Mudprawn (Upogebia Africana)

    Posted on Everyone in South Africa is familiar with the Mudprawns and most fishermen would have used them for bait at some point. The Steenbok boundary bordering the lagoon is abundant in this aquatic species for several reasons: The Mudprawn habitat –... Read more »

    Posted on       At the beginning of April, Steenbok Nature Reserve received a kind donation of R2500 from WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa).  The money will be used for the maintenance and development of Steenbok Nature... Read more »

    Posted on Awesome fun for the teams that spent a great morning on Leisure Island as part of Enhanced Throwdown Family Day event.  Steenbok Nature Reserve hosted a few of the workouts and the Seedpod was the obvious place for the prize... Read more »
  • Leonotis leonurus

    Posted on Leonotis leonurus Welcomes visitors to Steenbok Nature Reserve Common names: wild dagga (Eng.); wildedagga, duiwelstabak (Afr); Ecology: Leonotis leonurus is primarily bird pollinated and the flower presentation and pollination mechanisms are all structured to support this type of pollinator.  The flowers... Read more »
  • Flowering in Kingfisher Creek

    Posted on Limonium linifolium Common Name: Sea lavender Tufted dwarf herb with narrow (1 mm broad) branched leaves (3 to 6 mm in length) from stem on woody base. Flowers 5 mm diameter with 5 petals. Walk along the pathways in Kingfisher... Read more »

    Posted on  Steenbok Nature Reserve thanks all the dedicated members of Gardening @ Leisure for their continued support and guidance.   At their April meeting Kathy Michaelides, the Treasurer of Gardening @ Leisure once again presented Roger Voysey with a donation of... Read more »
  • A wasp nest spotted in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on Wasps’ nests are different from bees’ nests.  Bees produce a waxy substance to create their nest whereas wasps chew scraped wood fibers and create papery nests for themselves. Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly. This is why you should stay... Read more »
  • Knysna Dwarf Chameleon

    Posted on This is chameleon season and many Knysna Dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion damaranum) have been spotted in the trees near the main entrance to Steenbok. These little guys are endemic to South Africa and can grow to 180mm, they live happily in... Read more »

    Posted on Suzie Thomopoulos and Di Stromberg hosted a walkabout in Steenbok Nature Reserve with Ally Scott-Healey from Active Hearts and the grade 7’s from Tembelitsha Primary School. The children enjoyed a morning learning about the flora and fauna found in the... Read more »