• News from Peter Godsell

    Posted on Peter was one of the original signatories to the trust deed incorporating the Trust on 15 July 2007.  He has served the Trust diligently for the past 12 years, has been responsible for setting up and administering the Friends of... Read more »
  • Winter pruning in Steenbok

    Posted on “Open vistas, wide skies, a feeling of space, and varied views within and beyond the park” is listed in the Steenbok Landscape Management Program as our foremost attribute. This is being achieved with the recently commenced annual pruning and removal... Read more »
  • Queen Bee visits Steenbok

    Posted on Even the cloudy, rainy day could not dampen the spirits of the children of Queen Bee Pre-Primary School.   The kids spent a fun morning hiding their hand-painted Harmony Rocks in Steenbok Nature Reserve.    What are Harmony rocks? HISTORY... Read more »
  • Fun and games in Steenbok

    Posted on There is a big patch of flat grass in Steenbok that can be used for all sorts of activities.  A brief history of this area is that it was once a golf course and you can still find enthusiastic golfers... Read more »
  • A field of yellow in Steenbok

    Posted on Oxalis pes-caprae Common Name:   Eng; Cape sorrel  Afr;  geelsuring The name Oxalis comes from the Greek oxis, which means acid, referring to the sour-tasting sap. This stemless perennial bearing clusters of 3-20 canary coloured flowers are an important food... Read more »
  • Trimming at Roger’s Way

    Posted on       The Ivy Garden Service team hard at work again in Steenbok Nature Reserve.    Roger’s Way was established in 2008 and is a magical pathway linking Kingfisher Creek and Steenbok Park.  The trimming of the vegetation will... Read more »
  • Sign relocation at Kingfisher Creek

    Posted on Three signs which were previously located in the sensitive inter-tidal area of Kingfisher Creek have at last been relocated to a more suitable position. With the support of SANParks, SNR we appointed Corine Lambrechts from Acton Signs to carefully remove the... Read more »
  • A Scented, Winter shrub

    Posted on Metalasia muricata ENGLISH:- white bristle bush  AFRIKAANS:- blombos, witsteekbossie SA TREE No. 736 DESCRIPTION – Erect, woody shrub up to 2.5m, the leaves are often curved backwards, twisted and hooked at the tips.  The margins are rolled under. The honey scented flower... Read more »
  • Ladybird! Ladybird!

    Posted on One of our favourite friends is little Ruby Redzee:-    The ladybird is a BEETLE     She is a CARNIVORE (which is a meat eater)  Gardeners loove her because she eats the bugs who eat our gardens. (She can eat... Read more »
  • JULY wassup?

    Posted on   Teddy Bear Picnic Day On this day round the world some people celebrate with a teddy bears’ picnic!  Why don’t YOU go down to Steenbok on the 10th of July and take your family and teddies and picnic blankets... Read more »