• Sprinkler times in Steenbok

    Posted on Who would have thought that our sprinkler irrigation times would be affected by regular Load Shedding? For many years our sprinklers, from one end of Steenbok Park to the other, were programmed to come on during a regular cycle from... Read more »
  • Steenbok Nature Reserve Walk-Abouts in 2020

    Posted on Thanks to all the Friends of Steenbok who joined our volunteers for our first guided walk of the year. The walk started with an amusing and informative talk about the famous Knysna Dwarf Chameleon by young Jack Thomopoulos.    ... Read more »
  • December Rainfall in Steenbok

    Posted on During the last 25 years our lowest recorded annual rainfall figures were in the years 2016 and 2017. During both of these years the rainfall was well below 500 mm. The 2019 rainfall of 623 mm was much better than... Read more »
  • Rapanea melanophloeos

    Posted on Family: Myrsinaceae Common names: English: Cape Beech  Afrikaans: Boekenhout  Xhosa: isiQwane sehlati SA Tree No: 578 This is an evergreen tree that can reach heights of  4 – 18m high.   The Xhosa name isiQwane sehlati, which means ‘Protea of... Read more »
  • Diospyros whyteana

    Posted on   Family: Ebenaceae Common names: English: bladder-nut, Afrikaans: swartbas, Xhosa: umTenatane SA Tree No: 611 The bladdernut is an evergreen shrub or small multi-stemmed tree with a straight trunk that branches low down to form a dense, round to pyramidal crown.  ... Read more »
  • Cape White-eye

    Posted on This species is endemic to South Africa and depends upon a particular habitat for survival. Destroy that habitat and the bird will possibly be lost forever.  Their preferred habitats are woodlands, savanna, grasslands and riverine areas. Yet, this species is... Read more »
  • A few gift ideas from Steenbok Nature Reserve.

    Posted on Look Deep into Nature Children’s activity book.   This book is for all those young at heart.  Here is a booklet for you whether you are 7 years old, 57 or 97.  Take a walk, get out into nature and... Read more »
  • November rainfall charts

    Posted on November is usually one of the wetter months of the year. The ten year average is 74mm.   This November was a story of two parts.  In the first part (up to 17th) rainfall was great – 95mm. The second... Read more »
  • Dovyalis caffra

    Posted on    Family: Salicaceae Common names: Kei-apple, wild apricot (Eng.); appelkoosdoring (Afr.) SA Tree No: 507 To find this delicious fruit tree, walk along the wild paths of the Indigenous Gardens in Steenbok Nature Reserve. This dense, spreading, indigenous plant varies... Read more »
  • Agapanthus praecox

    Posted on Blooms of Blue in Steenbok Nature Reserve. This well-known hardy, evergreen plant has attractive strap-like leaves and umbels of blue flowers that are borne on long stalks. The plant grows well in sun or semi shade making it a good... Read more »