• “It’s raining again”

    Posted on The rainfall for the month of September was 80 mm, which is markedly higher than both last year’s figure as well as the ten year average. Similarly the Cumulative figure for the first nine months of this is ahead of... Read more »
  • Brightly coloured flowers are a welcome sight in Steenbok Nature Reserve during the spring months. 

    Posted on Below are photos of flowers and a map showing you where to find them. Pelargonium capitatum,  Zaluzianskya capensis and Silene undulata – can be seen in a field of indigenous flowers west of the tennis courts. Utopia Clivia – this red... Read more »
  • ARBOR MONTH IN STEENBOK – Grewia occidentalis

    Posted on Grewia occidentalis – SA Tree Number: 463 A much branched, evergreen shrub or semi climber that grows in protected positions among other species of trees.  An excellent example of this can be seen at the west end of Kingfisher Creek. The... Read more »
  • ARBOR MONTH IN STEENBOK – A Memorial Tree for Cherry Bullard, donated by Jeremy and Anne Allan.

    Posted on Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus Family: Celastraceae Common names: candlewood, cherrywood (English), kershout (Afrikaans), uTwina (isiXhosa). SA Tree No: 409 This sweet scented, floral tree, donated by Jeremy and Anne Allan is in memory of Cherry Bullard.  John Moll from Roots to Shoots... Read more »
  • August 2020 Rainfall Charts

    Posted on We recorded 136 mm in August, which is the third highest monthly rainfall for August during  the last 20 years!!! A huge thanks to Peter Godsell and Peter Dieterich for supplying Steenbok Nature Reserve with accurate monthly rainfall figures and... Read more »
  • Cape Bulbul (Pycnonotus capensis)

    Posted on This bird with its liquid whistle was spotted among the tall trees in Steenbok Nature Reserve. DESCRIPTION The Cape Bulbul measures 19-21 cm in length.  Males and females look alike. The plumage is mainly dull, blackish brown. It has distinctive... Read more »
  • Winter Garden Maintenance

    Posted on While most of us were staying inside after the heavy rain and snow storms this week, Ivy Garden Services and Knysna Municipality were hard at work in Steenbok Nature Reserve.   The dead branches of Metalasia muricata and Euryops virgineus... Read more »
  • Municipality in Steenbok Nature Reserve

    Posted on   Thanks to the Municipal teams from the Department of Parks and Recreation for a job well done in Steenbok on Thursday 13th August.    All the pruned and cut vegetation along Links Drive has been removed.  Prudence and her... Read more »
  • A few colourful blooms to spot in Steenbok during your winter exercise routines

    Posted on Zantedeschia aethiopica – White or common arum lily These beauties can be found in the Indigenous Garden  This very well known plant grows freely in damp ground but also tolerates normal garden conditions. The arrow-shaped leaves are as long or... Read more »