Steenbok Nature Reserve
Plant ListingFamily NameCommon NameHeightColourTree NoFlowering
Searsia glauca Prev Rhus glaucaANACARDIACEAEBlue kunie-bushUp to 4 mGreen/yellow/white383.2June/Sep

Searsia glauca Prev Rhus glauca

This is a bushy, single stemmed, densely branched shrub, wider than it is high. . It is common and easy to find in coastal thicket, especially at the Creek. The broadly egg-shaped to heart-shaped leaflets have a squarish to indented tip with a short hair protruding at the tip. The very small flowers grow in the angles between the leaf and stem and at the ends of branches, Small, roundish, shiny berries mature to reddish-brown in late winter.