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Newsletter December 2017

Following the return to normal rainfall since August the Reserve is gradually recovering from the ravages of the drought and once again provides amazing vistas from the many vantage points along the many walks that are available. The above unique aerial shot high-lights the Park on the left with Kingfisher Creek on the right; joined by the delightful and cool Rogers Way walkway between the sport facilities

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Notwithstanding the drought and the adverse effect on flora the numbers visiting Steenbok continue to grow. This is understandable as “peace and tranquillity” were singled out in the April survey as the most liked attributes of Steenbok Nature Reserve. This is reinforced by the large number of respondents that liked the peacefulness, beauty, openness, naturalness, views and ‘everything’ of the Reserve. The new garden at the north/west entrance to the Park is now firmly established. Take a stroll along the concrete pathway towards the Small Boat Harbour where you will find a different type of garden with its own attractiveness.

Another important feature in this area is the opening of modern upgraded toilet facilities for ladies and gents. This is per courtesy of the Leisure Isle Boat Club in whose grounds the facilities are situated - past the entrance boom and on your immediate left. It is effectively in the middle of the Reserve and thus conveniently within reach of all our visitors.

With the support of the Leisure Isle Bowling Club the utility area in Rogers Way has been largely cleaned up and ugly compost bins replaced with a Dial-a Drum weekly service. Further improvements will be made in the new year when suitable shrubbery will be added.

As the festive season approaches we celebrate the wonders of nature that we have right on our doorstep. The following picture collages speak louder than a thousand words.

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust
Many of these photos depicting the beauty and life of Steenbok Nature Reserve were entries in our photo competition which culminated in a colourful display at our stand at the recent Leisure Isle Festival. Seven photographs in A3 canvas format were chosen as prizes for a fund raising raffle. We record our thanks to the organising committee of the Leisure Isle Festival for once again nominating us as a beneficiary of the 2018 Festival. This award plus funds generated from our stall, on-going sale of the popular “Shared Recipes” and the handsome donation again received from Gardening @Leisure will enable the Trust to fund further improvements to the Reserve in the year ahead.

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust

Mainly as a result of the survey conducted in April we have increased membership of Friends of Steenbok significantly. Welcome to you folk and thanks for your interest and financial support. We finished the 30 September financial year end ahead of budget and in a sound financial position.

Our sincere thanks to our members and supporters for the enthusiastic and generous support we continue to enjoy. The Steenbok Nature Reserve is clear evidence that when communities work together, good things happen! In this connection we pay special tribute to Leisure Isle Residents Association, Knysna Municipality, trustees, management committee members and volunteers who undertake special tasks in the Reserve.

For those who would like to receive more regular news you are invited to log in to our vibrant Facebook site whilst those requiring more in depth information visit

Most of our annual members have already remitted their subs for the new year and to them we express our thanks. If you have still to do this we have included the banking details below so that you can do it straight away.
Thank you.

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Banking Details:
Friends of Steenbok Nature Reserve Trust
Standard Bank
Account No 082 579 342
Annual Subs: R400

We trust you and your family will have a relaxed, enjoyable and blessed festive season.

Our Facebook site is succeeding in keeping Friends and other interested folk up to date on developments in the reserve and provides interesting information on features and happenings. All are encouraged to access this facility on

Keith Hollis (Chairman), James Botha, Peter Godsell, Clr Mark Willemse and Roger Voysey.

Management Committee :
Maretha Alant, Joclyn Fearon, Peter Godsell, Arjen Meter, Diana Stromberg, Esther Townsend, Roger Voysey, and Clr. Mark Willemse

Roger Voysey 083 754 5390

The annual subscription is R 400.00
Alternatively, Life membership is R 10,000
You can join online at or contact Roger on 083 754 5390.

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