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A new way of keeping in touch For many years we have posted snippets of news to the news section of our website. We have now decided to replace this with a regular one-pager. Whenever this is posted to the website we will notify you per brief email and give you the link to enable you to access it. We hope that this will improve our communincation.
Birds on Knysna lagoon

At the March AGM Lorna Watt gave a delightful talk on birding on the Knysna Lagoon and the annual lagoon bird count. In 1993 Lorna, of WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), initiated with other Knysna birders, the twiceyearly Co-ordinated Waterbird Count. This project reaches the whole of South Africa and records information for nonpasserine (non-perching) species of birds associated with wetlands.

Currently the project curates waterbird data for at least 628 sites, by a network of volunteers numbering between 800 and 1000 people. Counts are co-ordinated country-wide by about 125 compilers and their teams. Data is computerized at UCT and made available to many local and international international organizations.

Austen-Healey visits Leisure Isle

Leisure Isle was the venue this morning for a photo shoot of members of the Austin-Healey Club of Southern Africa together with their magnificent collection of Healey vintage cars. Fifteen of their lady members then took time off to spend two hours in Steenbok Nature Reserve on a conducted tour of the Reserve and a visit to the adjacent Coffee and Antique shops.

Rainfall above average

Despite very low rainfall in the first 6 weeks of 2012, coupled with extremely hot weather (excellent for those on holiday), heavy rains over one weekend in March have pushed our rainfall stats for the first quarter of the year way ahead of the ten year average.

Angulate Tortoise sited

Over the Easter weekend in a quiet part of the Kingfisher Creek coastal thicket we came across a baby Angulate tortoise (Chersina angulata), 10cm in length. The previous siting in this area was in July 2008 when a larger one was seen.

This seems to indicate that this species is surviving and producing young. The angulate tortoise is unique to South African tortoises in that it has the ability to ram and overturn others. Hence it sometimes called a 'fighting tortoise'. This is a medium-sized tortoise species in which males grow to approximately 27cm in length, whilst females may reach 21cm.

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