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Sea Wall Maintenance

Following months of negotiation with Knysna Municipality we have received a special grant that will enable completion during the next few weeks of essential maintenance to the Steenbok Sea Wall. Preparation work commenced early this week and the local contractor Stonemason Richard Marais moved onto site with his team on Friday and remedial work began. This involves removing about 40 metres of the wall in three main areas and rebuilding where necessary from foundation level upwards, and extensive filling and patching along the complete length of the wall.

The plan is for work to be completed by 6 July and during this time the contractor will be working over weekends and at times of the day to fit in with high and low tides. The Steenbok Committee apologises for any inconvenience that may occur over this time.

This achievement is further evidence of the success of our agreement with Knysna Municipality in working together in maintaining for the benefit of residents and tourists Steenbok Nature Reserve with its unique attributes and beauty.

Spreading Cottonwool Grass: (Imperata cylindrica)

The successful experiment conducted in recent years to establish the most practical, efficient and least ecologically damaging way of controlling the spread of Imperata cylindrica has enabled us to implement these control measures into new areas.

Areas treated in recent months include north of the Indigenous Garden both east and west of the brick pathway.

Magnificent Aloes

The onset of real winter has seen the emergence of the most magnificent display of Aloes seen in the Reserve in many years, particularly Aloe thraskii and Aloe arborescens.

In previous years many of the blooms have been decimated by snails and birds whilst currently they are being left alone and seem to be loving the icy, wet weather.

Vegetation Growth in Roger's Way

Many will have noticed the slow growth in vegetation in the section of Roger's Way between the tennis courts and the Boat Club. This was due initially to an abnormal tidal flood of salt water three years ago followed during the next two years with abnormally heavy flash floods which left the ground water-logged due to the lie of the land and no drainage. During this time the area was replanted four times and simultaneously drainage and berns were introduced to reduce the impact of further storms.

Towards the end of 2011 notable improvement in the vegetation was evident but then came the hot summer months. It was now essential to water regularly and one of our lady Friends came forward and took on the task of weekly watering in this area. The result has been amazing with incredible growth in the past 6 months. Thanks to all of those undertaking various tasks in different parts of the Reserve.

Oyster Festival

We are fortunate in being selected by Rotary and Pic n Pay to host for the third time the Children Cycle Races scheduled for the morning of Sunday 8 July. The program caters for 3 age groups up to 10 years and roughly follows the same route as last year. We are proud to host this fun event that brings many visitors to the Reserve that otherwise might not visit us. For a pleasant experience join us at the start near the Boat Club at 9:00 am on the Sunday.

  • For an unusual and fascinating view of the Reserve click on: http://www.virtualknysna.co.za/steenboknaturereserve/
  • The annual plant sale held to raise funds for the Reserve will again be part of the Leisure Isle Festival to be held on the weekend of 20/21 October. If you would like to help phone Roger on 083 754 5390
  • Favourable comments received on our new News format. One member summed it up with "Nice concise newsletter. Well done".
  • Grateful thanks to two of our faithful sponsors: Charles Smith (Dial-a-Drum) for a large supply of wood bark and Neutrog Fertilisers for their annual delivery of "Bounce Back"

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