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This is the News archive page for all News pertaining to 2008.

22 December, 2008

The following comprehensive pictorial report on progress was issued prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Northern Shores Development Trust held today.

Click here for Management News : Report of 2008 Activities
Northern Shores Development Trust
11 December - Completion of Pathway

The paved path running from the east entrance on Links Drive to the Harbour Road at the west end of the Park was completed in time for the Christmas holiday season. Although designed as a user friendly path for wheelchairs it will provide fun for both young and old. Bicycles are welcome but please give way to walkers.
Two boardwalks completed in record time
21 November 2008 - Two boardwalks completed in record time.

The one is an interpretive board walk in the Park running parallel to the sea wall with interesting information on the estuary, salt marsh and other relavent information to be put in place in 2009. The second board walk links the "common" in the Park, across the tidal salt marsh, to the sea wall.
Two boardwalks completed in record time
29 October 2008 - Nature Walk Opened

This new walk runs from the north west corner of the tennis courts (where it links up with the Wandelpad) to, and through a grove of indigenous trees, back out in the open upper salt marsh and ends through another grove of trees at the west end of Links Drive.
Nature Walk Opened
6 October 2008 - Contractors start work

Contractors started work from the Harbour Road in laying the wheel-chair friendly path from east to west through Steenbok Nature Park. It is planned to complete the path before the end of November.
Contractors start work
2 October 2008 - Approval of Plans

Following consultation at a meeting of Gardening at Leisure (the local garden club) on 5 September and approval by the Steenbok Park Advisory Committee on 30 September the Landscape Management and Vegetation Management plans were finally approved for implementation by the LIRA committee on 2 October.
Approval of Plans
31 August 2008 - Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park

As a result of a combination of high spring tide, exceptionally low atmospheric pressure, very strong westerly winds and high seas, with waves up to 7 metres, the estuary flooded the northern shores of Leisure Isle on the Sunday afternoon. Our records show that this was the highest tide since 25 May 2002 whilst many of the Island's older residents suggest that it was the highest in 25 years.

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Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park
Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park      Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park      Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park      Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park      Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park      Flooding of Steenbok Nature Park
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