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Identification of these species has been undertaken over a period of four years and the exercise continues. It is estimated that at least another 75 species have yet to be photographed and identified. Interested persons are invited to submit details, and photographs in digital format, of any species observed that are not yet featured on this website. Kindly refer to the Contact Us page for contact details.

The flora featured is inclusive of a few exotics which thrive in the sandy conditions of Leisure Isle. One of these has been retained for historic reasons (Myoporum tenuifolium or “manataka” in the centre of Steenbok Nature Park). Exotics, aliens and species of the Eastern Cape are specifically designated as such in the Plant List and in commentaries on each individual species.

Plants in the indigenous and entrance gardens and other display areas are representative of plants occurring in the Garden Route.

  • Plants

    Over 200 species of flowering plants have been identified, with the main concentrations occurring in the Indigenous and Entrance Gardens.

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  • Salt Marsh

    The salt marshes of the Reserve, particularly those of Kingfisher Creek show the well-developed zonation typical of the Knysna salt marshes.

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  • Trees

    There are over 100 trees found in the Reserve of which only half have at this stage been photographed and included in this pictorial listing.

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