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Species commonly found in the Knysna Estuary forming the northern coast line of Steenbok Nature Reserve, can be viewed by paging down. Those featured are not intended to be an exhaustive list but include the more important species together with brief commentary.

Knysna Estuary is permanently open to the sea with the salinity varying greatly depending on the mixing of sea water with fresh water from the Knysna River. Constant changes also occur as a result of influences by the tides, waves and rainfall.. Despite this many plants and animals have adapted and thrive in this harsh environment. Estuaries are important nursery areas for many fish and almost 100 species of fish are partially or completely dependant on estuaries at some stage of their lives. Common fish in the Knysna Estuary include the spotted grunter, cob, leervis, white steenbras and large shoals of mullet.

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More comprehensive information is available in “COASTAL FISHERY RESOURCES an easy guide” published by the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity who have kindly consented to its publication on this website.
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